Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen

Why Miniatures

The more I think about it, the more I realize that all this is not a surprise to me. I have always loved food. My studies were in food and cooking. And as a child I always loved playing with dolls and their wonderful imaginary little world. ..with his plastic food !!! So simple, food miniatures combine all that I love and for me it is a unique art form …. to be able to reproduce things in the most realistic way on a tiny scale.


Polymer clay is a well-known material that today is about half a century old. The favorite material of thousands of artists around the world as it is malleable like plasticine and is suitable for any kind of application … such as making jewelry, decorative sculptures, paintings and of course miniatures! It works with various techniques that have evolved over the years and hardens after baking. It is a completely safe material since its use has been approved even for children by international art certification organizations that are on the market.

The process

I really love what I do and I really spend a lot of time and even more attention on each of my creations, so that I am 100% sure that the smallest detail has been captured. Each of my “tiny” dishes, It is entirely handmade, carved and hand-painted, without the use of molds and therefore there may be subtle differences between the objects I am inspired by everything related to food … from my kitchen … from professional kitchens, from books and cooking magazines … as well as from the internet. So you will always see me noting and drawing the next projects first with paper and pencil. As soon as I finish the idea in my mind, I start working on it until something unique is created. And when I am finished and I am happy with the result, you I present it through the social media of My mini kitchen and the website www.myminikitchenshop.gr



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