About us

The Brand

My mini kitchen is a company that makes handmade jewelry and food miniatures, from polymer clay, designed to offer joy and smiles !!!

The need to express ourselves through art but also the love for food and for any handmade object in miniature size led us to create tiny delicious delicacies, inspired by our own kitchen, restaurant dishes, books and cooking magazines as well as the Internet.

The handmade miniatures of My mini kitchen, are a fun and unique gift idea! Ideal for every food lover in the world, for collectors … but also for professionals.

Carved and worked entirely by hand with love and attention to detail.

You will love them !!!


Meet the Artist…

Hello, I am Crysanthi and I deal with  miniature modeling and especially with food miniatures. I love anything tiny, cute and pink. I love and collect miniatures for dollhouses since I was a child. However, I just started creating handmade food miniatures a few years, for my daughter’s dollhouse, as a hobby but also as #motheranddaughterbondingexperience

I officially started selling my creations for sale on online platforms in May 2017. The workshop was a dream come true in January 2020 and now in September 2020 another achievement …. myminikitchenshop.com

I am so proud and happy and so grateful for your love and support.


Keep up

Want to see more? New creations, photos from the construction process, but also offers ??? Everything goes up on the social media of my mini kitchen. So follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube and be the first to know our latest news !!!

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